The Education System May Produce Results, But Does It Really Leave Students Prepared For Life?

Whilst schooling may provide a base for individuals to grow their intellect it persistently misses the original purpose of education, to provide a student the best opportunity to evolve into a competent happy human.

Reading time: 8 mins

We Will Appear to Future Generations as Those Previous Appear to Us

Each generation looks at itself with glee at the marvels of modern society yet, just as the Romans thought the Goths were heathens for wearing pants, we too will find our ideas laughed and jeered at.

Reading time: 10 mins

Do Psychedelics Attune Adventurers to an Alternate Frequency of Reality?

The realm a trip opens has been broadly considered false by the establishment, yet who can indisputably say that someone else’s experiences aren’t real?
Potentially, what we observe is an alternate frequency on the cosmic broadcast.

Reading time: 6 Mins