Nature Doesn’t Look Back in Melancholy, She Adapts to Adversity Finding A Way To Survive And Flourish

Living barricaded from nature people tend to neglect that we’re highly advanced animals, and like our wild counterparts we must change according to circumstance or have adversity incessantly encroach

Reading time: 6 mins

Prodigious Wins Are Moulded By A Concatenation Of Those Smaller

Small wins enable people to confidently attack those larger; just as an athlete must train and train to ensure their chance is taken on the playing field, we must work and work until the opportunity presents itself for us to take the arena.

Reading time: 4 mins

One’s Existence Is Ensured Today Because Our Progenitors Fought To Survive For Thousands Of Years

Neglecting the fortuitousness of existence many find themselves cursing the Gods over trifling matters, drawing unnecessary gravity to a situation and slicing an already open wound.

Reading time: 5 mins