Our Degree of Care Extends Only as Far as We Can Relate

Acknowledging the enormous spectrum of emotion faced during existence connects us to our fellow sapiens. Joviality to sorrow, excitement to boredom, relaxation to arousal, these sensations signify we are living and unite us with others through shared experience.

Reading time: 7 mins

Would it be of Benefit to Western Society If Paganism was Still Prominent?

In Pagan societies mysticism was imbedded in the understanding of life’s operations, like a lightning bolt from a contemptuous Zeus or a calm sea indicating Poseidon’s sacrificial contentment, engendering devout reverence to nature as an extension of the gods. The adherence to nature as a deity is a far cry from our current civilizational creed of use and abuse, continuing to double down on the lubeless degradation of a bleeding planet.

Reading time: 10 mins

Leave the World Better than When You Found It

Everyone has the opportunity to become more than themselves by acting in the interest of the planet’s current and future inhabits. In this symbiotic reality if one believes they don’t owe the world anything vanity prevents them from attaining anything of substance.

Reading time: 8 mins

Home is Anywhere One is Completely Comfortable Being Themselves

The majority of us will eventually loose the place we called home, yet the sensations encountered there never fully depart us – feelings of safety, freedom and complete comfort are not merely found in the walls of a house, but also within the composition we call ourselves.

Reading time: 7 mins

Once The Beacon of Curiosity is Lit it Can Never Be Extinguished

As Plato’s allegory shows it’s not always easy to be in the sunshine while others linger in shadows, but if one is able to accept their auspicious burden as a right of passage their strain will build a bulbous muscle, an intellect pulsating with lust for life.

Reading time: 7 mins

Nature Doesn’t Look Back in Melancholy

The present is all we have at disposal and is ensured by the continual succession of moments, each fading as fast as they arrived. Holding onto the past means the time one has to enhance their future is instead concentrated on fruitless nostalgia.

Reading time: 6 mins