Leave the World Better than When You Found It

Everyone has the opportunity to become more than themselves by acting in the interest of the current and future inhabits of the planet. In this symbiotic reality, if one believes they don’t owe the world anything their vanity prevents them from attaining anything of substance.

Reading time: 8 mins

Body Modification: An Enduring Outlet For Expression and Honour

By voluntarily inflicting pain on oneself the experience becomes personal and engaging, it drags an individual into a realm of discomfort to emerge with additional attributes. When in the hands of physical hurt it links the mind back to the primitive psyche, it enables us to temporarily drop thought of self to be immersed in a moment, albeit an uncomfortable one.

Reading time: 6 mins

Tribalism Dismantles Democracy’s Middle Ground

The tribalistic nature of politics has divided the community by shifting focus to which team is winning rather than the substance residing in policy. This divide creates a loyal fan base for political heads who irritate and console for their own benefit. Strapped with rhetoric and skewed facts, these orators accrue additional power by exploiting societal fractures.

Reading time: 10 mins

Confusing Vanity and Self-Efficacy Creates a Clouded Reality

Contrary to this vanity, self-efficacy is the ability to look at oneself in humble admiration, to be proud of yet modest in one’s abilities yielding confidence in traversing life’s spectrum. When vanity and self-efficacy are confused reality is misinterpreted; a strong self-efficacy will build, where as a high degree of vanity will inevitably implode.

Reading time: 6 mins

Home is Anywhere One is Completely Comfortable Being Themselves

The majority of us will eventually loose the place we called home, yet the sensations encountered there never fully depart us – feelings of safety, freedom and complete comfort are not merely found in the walls of a house, but also within the composition we call ourselves.

Reading time: 7 mins

Lives Are Shaped by Only a Handful of Defining Moments; Preparing For Them is Essential

Even if it is as many believe and life is preordained, doesn’t it still feel good to be prepared? Eventually our paved trail will be a reflection of our selections, along it will be crossroads and opportunity and how one arrives at these points will determine orientation after them.

Reading time: 6 mins

Our Degree of Caring Extends as Far as We Can Relate

When one learns to temporarily strip themselves of individuality they can gain a more objective view of the human condition, to acknowledge the enormous spectrum of emotion faced during existence is what connects us to our fellow sapiens

Reading time: 7 mins