We Will Appear to Future Generations as Those Previous Appear to Us

Being at the forefront of time means being gifted the benefit of hindsight, and frequently people cast their eyes back to the almost laughable incompetence of our out-dated ancestors. What is not often deliberated is just as those of previous eras are inept in many fields, we too will be considered crass by the society of the future. The vast knowledge base we utilize today has been established through experimentation. No cheat sheet was handed to humans, at the cornerstone of our development is trail and error.

George Orwell wrote, ”Every generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it”. Hubris is a common denominator throughout civilization and has fuelled the saliency current generations feel over those previous. If the world of the future was available for observation, what could be the matters being selectively ignored which make our supreme generation look puerile to forthcoming societies? Before stepping forward, its always auspicious to look back.

A Distorted Timeline

History chronicles the development of civilization and is indispensable in conceptualizing humanity. The current timeline has been pieced together from material scattered across the globe, refined by specialists and sanctioned as truth. Yet, what if we are missing integral portions of information and our chronology is faulty?

In Fingerprints of the Gods, Grahame Hancock inquires into the potentially of a missing scene in the human story where a great civilization once existed and was destroyed by a cataclysmic event around 12,000 years ago, the end of the last ice age. Geologist Robet M. Shoch first arrived in Egypt in 1990 and his trained eye gravitated to some intriguing marks along the base of The Sphinx. Knowing them to be caused by water erosion, he estimated the marks to only be present if the structure existed at least 5000 BCE, almost double the estimate provided by Egyptologists. Both individuals faced severe criticism for showcasing their information, yet it wasn’t until the discovery of Gobekli Tepe did their theories have unequivocal proof of prospective legitimacy. Dating back to over 12,000 years the imposing structures required advanced engineering to be erected, something thought impossible by the apparent hunter-gathers living in the area at that eon.

In 2019, Greece discovered it was the home of the oldest human fossils in Europe. The Apidema skull fragment is dated at 210,000 years old, the find meaning some modern humans must have left Africa at least 50,000-70,000 years prior to the sanctioned narrative. Whatever supposed date our ancestors left Africa doesn’t change the fact that at the time the world’s geology was different, in particularly the coastline around the Middle East and Europe was over 200ft back from where it sits today. All the data from tribes hugging the coastline, the most logical route, have been lost and we are left to extrapolate about this epoch’s humans from fragments of hill tribe sapiens, small pieces of evidence constructing prodigious theory.

Everyone is privy to the existence of Neanderthals but hardly anyone knows of the new subgroup of the homo genus found in Russia. How does the Homo denosovian fit into the certified human story? With the assistance of novel utensils information continues to surface challenging the authorized account of us. To believe our pedestaled timeline will be the gold standard in 1000, let alone 100 years is utterly farcical.

The Prohibited Medicines

The West has been indoctrinated into the concept of progress and its unquestionable advantages to human life. This mindset has led to the dismantling of culture and the gutting of communities, natives taking the brunt of force. Indigenous cultures have an innate connection to Gaia and adhere to her demands. Their relationship with the flora and fauna is not one of abuse, rather reverence and admiration. Some of these plants, particularly throughout the Americas and Asia, deliver a psychedelic effect modifying the participant’s perception of reality. In presence of a Sharman, these ceremonies are integral to the wholesome maturation of a community and its members.

In our civilized, progressive, liberal societies, with very few exceptions, one is not legally allowed to choose whether they want to engage with the “Spirit Realm”, meaning recreational use far surpasses transcendental. Psychedelics are not like other chemicals, they provide an alternate view of reality and, according to Sharman teaching, give lessons essential to grasping both the material and spiritual aspects of life.

These chemicals were not only ingested in native land, but also at the birthplace of democracy. The Eleusinian mysteries were an initiation every Hellenic citizen had the right to attend once in their life. At the festival participants drank a brew called Kykeon containing barley with the psychoactive agent ergot (the same fungus used to synthesise LSD).  After thousands of years of operation the mysteries fell out of favour from the ruling Roman Empire, the tradition lost as the last Pagan Emperor died and the Goths laid waste to the sacred sites.

It’s clear humans have been using mind-altering substances for millennia, however since the sweeping war on drugs the public have been deprived of temporarily modifying their reality with “illegal” substances. Although we are currently constrained there is hope, and potentially we’re at the start of the transition from being juveniles to adults in the eyes of our descendants.

MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) work with Veterans to help them overcome PTSD. With the use of MDMA, Psilocybin (psychoactive component in psychedelic mushrooms) and empathetic counselling there has been an 80% success rate with patients, five times above the average clinical trail success rate. The AIMS Institute also use psilocybin to assist those with terminal illnesses in coming to terms with corporal demise, helping them not only live better but, following a core aspect of philosophy, die well. 

When the future inhabitants of earth look back on history possibly this is an important moment where psychedelic studies are recommenced, and as the world falls into chaos these substances could coalesce it back together.

The Inevitable Threshold Breach

Did you know that militaries don’t have to lodge their carbon footprint? Did you know when commercial tankers are in international waters they have the same deal? Did you see the recent Climate Summit in Scotland where all the leaders flew in on private jets? The real reason why the climate is such a mess is not them, but because of you and your flight to Barcelona.

The world is at crisis levels and maybe it’s time to consider, or even accept that we will go over the 2°C limit and implement action for damage mitigation rather than decades-late prevention. Major factors to consider are the continual rising population, the vast disparity of wealth and the insatiable appetite and power held by oligarchs.

Last year alone saw a net increase of nearly 92 million people into the world, a 1.22% surge on the 7.5 billion the earth must already feed. Again, the engrained idea of progress makes society see this beneficially as they’re more players to join in the game, but if a very large country is joining the world every year huge amounts of additional resources are required to provide the necessities of life.

The rising population is greatly influenced by the inequality of wealth rampant throughout the globe. Starved of education, medicine and opportunity, citizens of the developing world recurrently have multiple children to help with the demands of living and ensure care as they grow older.

Even if we are able to curtail population with methods like a living wage and birth control, what makes us believe the powers at be will happily lose revenue for the sake of the environment? The more people we have the more energy is required, and even if we switch to renewable energy it won’t stop resources being mined because the pool of energy expands as demand dictates. Why do you think nearly all the major oil companies are investing in renewable energy? It’s not from love of planet but power. The wealth disparity also isolates those fortunate from life on the ground where the real effects of climate change are and will be felt.

It’s crazy this issue has become a political debate rather than objective truth, but it’s not so difficult to see the benefits in doubling down on an opinion, although against scientific proof, one’s team supports. When speaking of damage mitigation it doesn’t mean to stop our preventive research and give up, rather shift portions of focus onto issues which will be overwhelming in the coming years like refugees, malnutrition and disease.

After the recent Climate Action Summits it’s clear there’s not going to be immediate action, therefore research should be commenced into the likely catastrophes and their global affects. Ideally we wouldn’t be too late but, if we haven’t severely reduced our trauma on the earth by now, what are the chances of us doing so in the prescribed 12 years until the event horizon?

Each generation looks at itself with glee at the marvels of modern society yet, just as the Romans thought the Goths were heathens for wearing pants, we too will find our ideas laughed and jeered at. There are really an innumerable amount of prospective areas we are overlooking, and the hindsight we currently enjoy is what the future will judge us off. It appears clear we are living in a time of great change and the foundations of society could very well be shattered within the coming centuries, if not decades.

The development of agriculture began the snowball of civilization and progress and we may not be able to stop it, however we can do our best to orientate it to a more native direction. As Daniel Quinn wrote, ““Indigenous people believe that Man belongs to the World; civilized people believe that the World belongs to Man.”

If we choose not to domineer but live with the planet future generations will see us as competent occupants of this benevolent ecosystem.

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