Confusing Vanity and Self-Efficacy Creates a Clouded Reality

Contrary to this vanity, self-efficacy is the ability to look at oneself in humble admiration, to be proud of yet modest in one’s abilities yielding confidence in traversing life’s spectrum. When vanity and self-efficacy are confused reality is misinterpreted; a strong self-efficacy will build, where as a high degree of vanity will inevitably implode.

Reading time: 6 mins

The Most Intelligent Are Never Wrong, They Either Teach or Learn

There is comfort in believing we have the world figured out, yet, without unshackling the fear of ridicule we cannot grasp the gravity of our illiteracy. It’s not the incorrect answer making one moronic but the fear of asking the next question. Growth requires discomfort and temporarily showing one’s ignorance can provide a better angle for coalescing cognizance.

Reading time: 6 mins

Once The Beacon of Curiosity is Truly Lit It Can Never Be Extinguished

When the kindling of the inquisitiveness is lit it feels as if a perennial secret has been whispered to the mind, a euphoric wave, equivalent to that of a religious revelation, encompasses the individual. The novel luminosity shines light over the consciousness’ perception of reality providing clarity and catalysing questions from a newfound intrigue in life’s intricacies.

Reading time: 8 mins