Once The Beacon of Curiosity is Truly Lit It Can Never Be Extinguished

When the kindling of the inquisitiveness is lit it feels as if a perennial secret has been whispered to the mind, a euphoric wave, equivalent to that of a religious revelation, encompasses the individual. The novel luminosity shines light over the consciousness’ perception of reality providing clarity and catalysing questions from a newfound intrigue in life’s intricacies.

Reading time: 8 mins

Whats Does The Placebo Effect Indicate About The Mind’s Influence Over Reality?

What can be observed from these tests is the influence the mind has over the outcome of trials; when people are able to internally ensure themselves of something occurring somehow their body sets in motion a process of restoration, drawing added contingency towards their favoured outcome.

Reading time: 7 mins

The Mind And Time Distortion: Consciousness and The Enigmatic Dimension

The fixed variables for measuring time are rational and extremely pertinent for society’s operations, however they are impersonal and the devices fashioned for discernment do not consider the mind’s propensity for experiencing, absorbing and interpreting

Reading time: 7 mins

Do Psychedelics Attune Adventurers to an Alternate Frequency of Reality?

The realm a trip opens has been broadly considered false by the establishment, yet who can indisputably say that someone else’s experiences aren’t real?
Potentially, what we observe is an alternate frequency on the cosmic broadcast.

Reading time: 6 Mins