So, what’s The Contemporary Human?

Has there ever been a situation that’s made you stop, look around at the world and think, “Fuck, what’s actually going on here, how do I fit into all of this?” This organic notion lead to the creation of The Contemporary Human.

We are all ushered into life with no real knowledge of what it is. Over time, an interpretation evolves based on the society we are raised in, the experiences we have and the opinions we choose to take as our own. I believe Roger Waters’ put this simply,

“All you touch and all you see, is all your
life will ever be”

These thoughts surfaced a latent passion for philosophy and sociology. Whilst travelling, I engaged with people from various spheres of existence and began to notice that life isn’t uniformly perceived, and how the determining mechanism for this is consciousness.

Catalysed by the works of great thinkers, this project follows curious tangents attempting to develop an understanding of reality, considering the mind’s influence on its conception. Mortality awaits us all; as we head towards our inevitable demise is it not beneficial to reach out and clasp some knowledge?

The Contemporary Human is a continual work in process. This is not, by any means, expert opinion, but a collection of thoughts arising from discourse and rumination. The main objective is not to convince anyone of anything, rather, to prompt the cultivation of a personal belief. If you blindly abide by the thoughts of others have you really contemplated your own? As Oscar Wilde stated,

“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry,
their passions a quotation.”

In the 21st century it appears many have been intoxicated by a synthetic stream of stimuli, untethering their connection with consciousness. I hope by occasionally coming to this page and reading a short “Thought Piece” it’ll give you something to ponder, opening a conversation with the mind and potentially sparking an interest in philosophy.

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