We Will Appear to Future Generations as Those Previous Appear to Us

Each generation looks at itself with glee at the marvels of modern society yet, just as the Romans thought the Goths were heathens for wearing pants, we too will find our ideas laughed and jeered at.

Reading time: 10 mins

Music Defines Experience And Amplifies Our Engagement With Life

During the past century music has prodigiously advanced and each era leaves traces of life in the epoch. Along with new genres a plethora of opportunities are available for people to immerse themselves in music, imprinting on the mind through engagement with an experience.

Reading time: 7 mins

One’s Existence Is Ensured Today Because Our Progenitors Fought To Survive For Thousands Of Years

Neglecting the fortuitousness of existence many find themselves cursing the Gods over trifling matters, drawing unnecessary gravity to a situation and slicing an already open wound.

Reading time: 5 mins