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The Illusion of The “I”

“With many people completely immersed in their own version of “I” they neglect that everyone else is in fact “I” too, and although everyone is experiencing “I” individually it’s something ubiquitous.”

Home is Anywhere one is Completely Comfortable Being Themselves

“The majority of us will eventually loose the place we called home, yet the sensations encountered there never fully depart us – feelings of safety, freedom and complete comfort are not merely found in the walls of a house, but also within the composition we call ourselves.”

What Engenders an Old Soul?

“While all of us have our own personal lives we are representations of an essence that has subsisted since the beginning of man. Although we live in this moment today, there is energy within us that has existed for eons and will continue after corporal demise.”

The Mind and Time Distortion

“The fixed variables for measuring time are rational and extremely pertinent for society’s operations, however they are impersonal and the devices fashioned for discernment do not consider the mind’s propensity for experiencing, absorbing and interpreting.”

When You Trust The Cosmos The Tao Helps You Out

“The impartial cosmos cannot be controlled, yet we can arrange action to flow with it. When one follows the path of the Tao they attain awareness of the enduring interrelatedness of everything. When one doesn’t hubris hones attention to the self.”

Does Life’s Meaning Reside in Discovering Our Own Purpose?

“The unknown can be frightening and being offered an all-encompassing solution is comforting, but it also limits idiosyncratic thought. It may be daunting to contemplate our onus to individually define our existence, however isn’t more alarming to believe we all must live according to the same objective?”

Do Psychedelics Attune Adventurers to an Alternate Frequency of Reality?

“The realm a trip opens has been broadly considered false by the establishment, yet who can indisputably say that someone else’s experiences aren’t real? Potentially, what we observe is an alternate frequency on the cosmic broadcast.”

A Society Equating Wealth to Assets Has a Contaminated Conscious

“When there is a continual desire for more people are less likely to appreciate what they already have. One’s bed may not be as comfortable as they’d like, but after an evening on the floor they definitely see the value.”

We Will Appear to Future Generations as Those Previous Appear to Us

“Each generation looks at itself with glee at the marvels of modern society, yet just as the Romans thought the Goths were heathens for wearing pants, we too will find our ideas laughed and jeered at.”

Is Being Mature Knowing When To Act Immaturely?

“Being able to suitably flirt between maturity and immaturity invokes a sense of novelty into life, to see the world with the awe-inspired eyes of a child allows one to temporarily drop the intensity and expectation of adult life and reignite it with wonder of existence.”

The Sweet Irony Of Life – We All Live To Die

“As we are consummated our DNA signs a contract, ‘In order for this being to have life, they must inevitably be sacrificed in death’. Although there are severe implications termed in the contract, it can also be helpful to appreciate life’s brevity and commit to making it more than bourgeois.”

Once The Beacon of Curiosity is Lit it Can Never Be Extinguished

“As Plato’s allegory shows it’s not always easy to be in the sunshine while others linger in shadows, but if one is able to accept their auspicious burden as a right of passage their strain will build a bulbous muscle, an intellect pulsating with lust for life.”

And the Supreme Lore of this project….

Occupy Your Time and Space but Leave No Trace

“At the core of this maxim is an all-encompassing effort to make yourself the person your essence urges you to be, to listen to the great voice inside and become an active creator in reality.”

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