Featured Thoughts

These unique pieces incorporate vital elements of our philosophy, helping us turn the mind’s tangents into distilled contemplation.

What Engenders An “Old Soul”?

“Although all of us have our own personal lives, we are representations of an essence that has subsisted since the beginning of man.”

The Mind And Time Distortion: How Consciousness Interacts With The Enigmatic Dimension

“Just because humans have been able to quantify time doesn’t mean it’s perceived analogously or even that we explicitly know what it is, rather than being fixed it appears it alters according to mental stimulation.”

The Illusion of the “I”

With many people completely immersed in their own version of “I” they neglect that everyone else is in fact “I” too, and although everyone is experiencing “I” individually it’s something shared ubiquitously.

A Society Who Bases A Person’s Wealth On Their Assets Has Had Its Conscious Contaminated

“We live in a world where the most addictive substance isn’t a narcotic; people spend their entire lives chasing the materialist dragon, the supposed “winners” of society and no more dependant than the “junkies” they frown upon”

Does Life’s Meaning Reside In Discovering Our Own Purpose?

“The notion that since the dawn of our species every human has been allotted the same life meaning is difficult to defend; if it were so, would Homo sapiens be the diverse creatures we are today?”

The Sweet Irony Of Life, We All Live To Die

“As we are consummated our DNA signs a contract, ‘In order for this being to have life, they must inevitably be sacrificed in death’.”

Do Psychedelics Attune People To An Alternate Frequency Of Reality?

“Hallucinogens are able to pierce the bubble surrounding the illusionary framework of society, when your reality is questioned it’s natural to inquire into the structures supporting its legitimacy, and who’s profiting from it.”

Is Being Mature Understanding When To Act Immaturely?

“Being able to suitably flirt between maturity and immaturity invokes a sense of novelty into life, to see the world with the awe-inspired eyes of a child allows one to temporarily drop the intensity and expectation of adult life and reignite it with wonder of existence.”

Just As Previous Generations Seem Incompetent To Us, We Too Will Be Seen Inept By Future Societies

“If the world of the future was available for observation, what could be the matters we’re selectively ignoring which make our supreme generation look puerile to forthcoming societies?”

When You Trust The Cosmos, The Tao Helps You Out

“Through awareness of one’s mind and behaviour Taoism seeks to harmoniously unite individuals with the universe, to not fight against but learn how to flow with it.”

We All Have Opinions, But is it Clear We Actually Own Them?

“Everything we say or think are concoctions of what has been previously seen and heard; whilst some receive, listen and interpret, others hear and accept without question.”