By Introducing Novelties to Existence Everyday People Change Reality

Within all humans lies a yearning to create, to craft something of substance denoting their existence in the world. The apatite for creation hungers to express thought, imagination and opinion, presented in a format worthy of recognition. Art enables us to dictate without words and learn without lessons; in attempt to showcase their perspective of reality, the artist delves into their conscious and materializes a vision.

Whether it be a blueprint, lyric, portrait, when pen hits paper inspiration flows and thoughts can be altered into actuality. One of the most auspicious tools at human disposal, imagination envisions what has not yet been seen, empowering sight past the horizon painted by society. Art’s craft doesn’t reside purely in a brush stroke or sonorous note, but an apt for animating both the existent and non-existent; by introducing novelties to the world everyday people can change reality.

Art: A Lucid Display of Imagination

Since culture began to develop art has accompanied it. The ideologies established by our earliest ancestors are lucid displays of imagination and the mind’s attempt to make sense of the inscrutable, belief expressed artistically through stories, song, dance and paintings. Art is the foremost expression of human emotion, some things cannot be communicated purely with language and illustration aids in their illumination.

Art’s versatility grants people various tools to create; in painting, acting, dancing, sculpting, one gets to experience emotion in multiple forms, engaging them and providing a lens to alternatively observe life. The grace and wisdom in art allows conveying of the complex simply, even in the uniform chaos of surrealism, messages are laid out waiting to be deciphered.

Society’s structure keeps the masses sedated through a systemized pattern of thinking, art is the adrenaline needle needed to pierce the mind and destabilize established ideas of what constitutes right and wrong, real and fiction. As the famed composer Richard Wager spoke, “Imagination creates reality”, by removing the shackles on imagination we can develop our own understanding of reality, creating not what is expected but what we envision.

By letting the mind float freely the unconscious is able to surface and impose itself onto one’s thoughts, art providing the canvas for brainchildren to spawn.

‘You Cannot Paint’

Art’s aptitude for morphing imagination into reality is a shining light on the human experience; if artists can engender their imagination, why can’t one create the life they imagine? Art endorses extension past the norm, by removing oneself from the institutionalized box a perspective contrary to the status quo can manifest.

If something can be envisioned then it can be created, yet, the salient feature in extracting ideas is action; in order to achieve one must do. Sometimes artists allow their inspiration to roam and cover the canvas, whilst for others meticulous preparation is required to ensure the best quality of work. For whatever intends to be done a process is needed to keep orientation forward.

When one sets about a quest there are many testing times, however, Van Gogh had some advice, “If you hear a voice within you say ‘You cannot paint’, then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced”. Everyone fosters doubts about their endeavours, but what separates the ordinary from extraordinary is perseverance in the face of adversity.

The mind often plays devils advocate and attempts to persuade us to drop taxing efforts, yet, if the body persists, the mind will arouse at sight of what has been engendered under duress. Although thoughts drift incessantly through our minds there are particular notions deserving to be pursued; intuition pulsates when a great idea arises, but one must be prepared to put paint to canvas.

Imagination ignites the mind offering a flame for a quest into the unknown. Art offers insight into the mind’s immensity; mirrored in a format compatible to the senses, it’s a reflection of human emotion. Art breaks down the barriers skirting society and provides free speech at the highest decibel, expressing the yearnings of the psyche in an immensely cathartic experience. Art allows imagination to influence reality, unveiling a path for us to discover who we truly are.

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