Libertarianism and Anarchy May Share Similarities Yet Their Strategies, Followers and Idea of Utopia Diverge

Their methods may vary but the intentions to oust the establishment remains paramount; no matter how indomitable a dogma or civilization may seem, history shows they will all eventually fall.

Reading time: 7 mins

The Cracks In Civilization Are Vivid, But All We Care About Is What’s Trending

Personalization spawning from intelligent machines has created a tint in people’s perception where anything not immediately concerning to them is superfluous; and as the signs of global civilization’s decline are increasingly lucid, the masses aren’t seeing the thin layer separating survival from catastrophe.

Reading time: 10 mins

Democracy May Be Hailed As The Best Political Structure, But Is It Necessarily So Distant From The Worst?

In any other profession employees would be held accountable for making a false remark, however, at the highest-level, people are allowed to engender fallacies, portray them as truth and sell to the public for acquisition of power.

Reading time: 7 mins