Lives Are Shaped by Only a Handful of Defining Moments; Preparing For Them is Essential

Many individuals prescribe to a doctrine that fate governs life and one’s destiny is preordained before their first moments of existence. It cannot be denied from birth we are placed on a path fashioned by the efforts of our progenitors, yet, whilst maturing it becomes our decision whether to stay on course or let intuition and curiosity divert direction. Sensing these rousing instincts gives a wandering eye to the bequeathed path, the possibilities paralleling the trail illuminate potential for alluring exploration.

Stepping into our own stride increases liberty to discover what fevers the soul and ignites disposition, by staying in the confines of delegated destiny we can only uncover what’s buried within. Whether electing to reside on the side of caution or accept the opportunity to investigate life, one will arrive at a destination where they must use their history to define their future, lessons of weeks, months, years encapsulated in a defining moment. Seneca spoke of preparation and opportunity combining to produce luck, and without the right preparation we blind ourselves from transient opportunity.

Solitary Extrapolation

There is often no immediate impact when selecting a route to pursue besides the primary obligations required of the path, it’s not until the last decision’s scene has faded that the new environment materializes. When a navigational choice needs to be made a period of rumination is required to assess the projected outcome of the decision; contoured by bias and expectation, the mind is fond of engendering images of idyllic worlds awaiting upon selection.

Once chosen one must obligingly select how they will conduct themselves along their path, will they fixate on the objective or the journey? Will they be open to veering or be stern with direction? Will they allow the mind to fill with fantasies or stay tethered to actuality? What might initially appear to be a single choice protracts to unveil myriad contents of pending judgments.

As humans we are only provided a single outcome of events giving limited strength to our comparative muscles, pros and cons may be weighed but ultimately we have a sole existence to extrapolate from. Conceptualizing this, we must be wary not to berate ourselves if believing an inauspicious decision has been made, instead aiming to be aware when reality unfolds to seek silver linings for the possibility of improved action. 

A propitious tactic upon life’s track is not to have ambition dominate the experience of the quest, every course will unfold with prospects and if attention is firmly set on accomplishment tunnel vision leaves one negligent to valuable teachings. By placing blinders on during development one is ill prepared and overstimulated to clasp reward when opportunity arises.

The salient feature of an endeavour is not the goal but how it is reached, it’s the knowledge taken from the journey moulding our being. 

Quiet Confidence

When we think about our lives we tend to highlight major occasions, milestones representing our flourishing personality such as graduation, joining a group, sporting achievement, meeting a lover, a challenge, a birth, a death, circumstances defining who we are condensed into the potent memory of a moment. Flicking through our history’s prominent scenes we tend to view them with vividness yet forget about the atmosphere surrounding them, we recall a fragment of time but not its entirety.

Lionel Messi spoke of how it took him 17 years to become an overnight sensation. Hours upon hours in practice lead him to exactly where he needed to be to greet opportunity, assertively taking its hand and staring it down. Although he may be naturally gifted, do you believe he would’ve been afforded his chance if he didn’t dedicatedly work to attain prominence?

No matter how careless someone is they’ll inevitably reach a crossroads where a decision must be made, yet, if they deny the requirements of choice circumstance strips the luxury from them. Options will only temporarily glimmer and by not committing oneself to a path it creates an occupied no-man’s land.

We may not be given the break we desire but is there not more growth in struggle? The idealised moments in our minds may not come to fruition but by being ready for the encounter we caress quiet confidence. Whilst tailoring ability towards desire we feel more capable and an interest in learning can spur, implementing known tactics for new purposes.

Even if it is as many believe and life is preordained, doesn’t it still feel good to be prepared? Eventually our paved trail will be a reflection of our selections, along it will be crossroads and opportunity and how one arrives at these points will determine orientation after them.

Reality encroaches on us in many ways and by electing not to decide adversity doesn’t flee but becomes a problem, not a challenge. With the continual unfolding of the flux of life we become acquainted with novel situations where the totality of our learning is showcased, glorious moments of opportunity meeting preparation providing the chance to change reality.

The player taking the final shot doesn’t get the ball without proving their worth, although aching for the best one must realize that it’s their acquired skills and mental fortitude most salient, not the outcome. The path one constructs is fashioned by the big occasions in their life, however, it must be remembered that to arrive aptly at these moments conscious effort must go into confronting them. 

Image Source: Yuumei

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