Those Held in Admiration and Envy Shed Light on Our Inner Desires

Etched in the mind of every individual is a sketch of who they are and who they believe they’re becoming, a depiction not always pulsating with veracity. In the Modern world this dissonance seems to be mutating with every new update, images of the self habitually resting on what is liked not what is actually done. With addiction to technology socially acceptable many are spending more time constructing in their digital life than physical reality, the call of vocation muffled by a frivolous stream of content.

Instead of searching for a viable calling youths and adults are consistently staring at and comparing with others; although comparison leads to disillusionment, if spun correctly it can also escort in enhancement. By examining those individuals we admire and envy we can get valuable data on ourselves; those we admire have a skill or disposition we want to replicate, those we envy have achieved something engendering distaste. In observing our feelings towards these personalities an avenue opens to learn more about our driest thirsts.

Heroes and Villains

The entities we admire hold a sacred place within our character; they are our heroes, they rise above ordinary man to demonstrate how to suck the nectar from life. Whether we are conscious of it or not the impressions of those held in high regard mould temperament, we sculpt ourselves with their stencil carved into our mind.

From a young age we gravitate towards the paths of our idols amplifying connection with them, this attachment shaping adolescence and reverberating still in adulthood. As we mature our disposition changes along with those we aspire to emulate, yet unlike the younger self we should not try to merely follow another’s path but blaze a unique trail.

It is of great assistance to observe the lives of those we hold with esteem and gain cognizance as to why we revere them, using their journey to inform not dictate our own. The admiration we develop for our idols illuminate many ways to become akin to them, however, if you blindly follow their course you’re prone to lose track of your own individuality.  

Another light on the expedition to fulfil vocation are individuals held with envy, although they may be disliked they invoke sentiment and elucidate deep desires. Envy and jealousy share similarities but are different concepts. Jealousy surfaces when a person of similar stature achieves or attains something, envy is typically directed towards those perceived as “better off” with belief that their accolades are undeserved.

Hostilities don’t arise for trivialities and when an emotional response is produced underlying factors engender turbulence. If one is able to positively spin envious energy it can galvanize action, to see someone felt unworthy attain success can ignite the powder keg of ambition. When we focus on crafting our own track a better version of us can materialize, one more apt at realizing inner desire. 

The Comparative Tint

Although the paths beaten by idols offer an auspicious guide one must be wary not to parallel their accomplishments with our own.

The instinct to gossip is nothing new to our species and has actually enhanced community cohesion, contemporarily however, attention to others goes way beyond one’s nearest with the ever-elongating tentacles of social media. When one becomes entangled in the exploits of others they forget to focus on themselves, and even when thinking of oneself it’s through a comparative tint.

Instead of investing time in juxtaposing the position of one’s heroes to oneself we should compete only with our former selves, the authentic scale of our advancement. Einstein spoke, “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it’s stupid”, when others become the barometer of success we misconstrue the importance of individuality.

Since the excessive accumulation of capital became a societal “triumph” unwarranted gravity has been granted to material possessions, habitually neglected though is the separation of morality that often accompanies such affluence.

The idea of being rich has blurred perspectives on what constitutes right and wrong leading many to blind themselves from nefariousness if it yields the desired result. Whilst one might be able to amass wealth from questionable means and appear happy, there is always discord inside the individual who will trade morality for capital; the untamed shadow part of the psyche eternally causing chaos in the mind.

To ripen into the best version of oneself, the Ubermensch, one must define their own person with integrity and decency as primary conductors of action. When we look at those we admire and envy we must consider what is in them we wish to replicate and congeal an effigy we can work towards. For some it only may become clear on their deathbed that what really matters isn’t what one has, but who they share it with.

The body is constantly sending messages throughout its composition telling us what we need and desire, if we listen closer and contemplate deeper the calling inside us will resonate louder. By examining the individuals we admire and envy we unlock the potential for deciphering the internal voice, using the journey of others to guide our own worldly expedition.

We are greatly influenced by people we hold in high regard and although we should honour them, one should abstain from trying to become them; the greatness inside oneself can only flourish on a path of our own creation. In the quest to become who you want to be don’t untether from who you really are.

Image Source: Chairish

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