Prodigious Wins Are Moulded By A Concatenation Of Those Smaller

Over the previous decades there has been a consistent decline in the appreciation of time and its necessity to produce outcomes; it appears the process has become secondary to immediate results. The Internet has given access to answer nearly any question at the touch of a button, because of this people have become accustomed to getting instant feedback and resent when a period of waiting is required. Social media has created a platform for people to follow a stream of staged photographs, examining the lives of others with both esteem and envy; admiring those who exchange superficiality for digital capital whilst still holding distain over their perceived success.

Nothing of grandeur appears without first being diminutive, to achieve desires a prerequisite of smaller tasks must be accounted for to construct the foundation. Throughout the quest adversity is a guarantee, the way one handles hardship routinely indicates the amount of fruit borne from their ideas.

Converting Ideas Into Reality

Life is a concatenation of events equating to existence hitherto, we can’t move forward until the forthcoming moment is experienced. Nothing exists merely for itself and adequate effort is required to see new actualities. The major difference separating the extraordinary from ordinary is their aptitude for acting on ideas and intuition, implementing action to see their imagination materialize.

We all have ideas, but they are nulled unless they are converted into reality; consider your bed, the only way you can sleep in it is because someone else thought of a model, drafted a blueprint and built what was previously in the mind. If the foundation isn’t built construction can never begin.

On commencing a quest advancement often appears swift, beginning from nothing means any action will make an inroad. After a while, however, a plateau occurs and it seems like noticeable results are harder to attain. It needs to be understood that anything of value takes time, even though it may feel like an eternity, every minute working edges one closer to their aim.

Small wins enable people to confidently attack those larger; just as an athlete must train and train to ensure their chance is taken on the playing field, we must work and work until the opportunity presents itself for us to take the arena.

Attitude Towards Adversity

Michelago stated that people would not believe his work to be wonderful if they saw the effort exerted to attain his mastery. We are privy to the successes of others yet seldom see the toil entailed throughout the process of engenderment.

The only way to improve is to understand what not to do, by sifting through the most auspicious alternatives errors are thoroughly examined and one is able to reconfigure their succeeding moves. The fastest avenue to advancement is failure, one needn’t be deterred by defeat but embrace it’s necessity in the development of all individuals. Confucius spoke “A man is great not because he hasn’t failed; man is great because failure hasn’t stopped him”.

Achievers don’t stop because of an obstacle; they halt, gather information from their surroundings and apply the necessary action to continue forward. Adversity is inherit to every existence, even if you were able to avoid hardship one would arrive to their final destination ill prepared for the encounter. Difficulties can arise from anywhere and at times cannot be altered, yet, what can be shift is one’s attitude towards their hardship.

The whims of misfortune offer an opportunity to reassess the proceeding moves and strengthen an individual’s fortitude, reshaping their mind to see problems as a challenge for progression.  An individual can either inadequately rebuke their situation or accept responsibility for their burden, accepting the test to extend past their former selves.

Winning isn’t everything, its how we deal with our losses not our wins which become the bedrock of our character. Imagination entices people to manifest their thoughts into reality, yet, it’s only those putting effort behind their notions who will see them sprout. As Einstein spoke “Failure is success in progress”, to find out what to do we must discover what not to, failure may seem hopeless but it’s a necessary small win pertaining to advancement. Opportunities come to those who work for them, in order to hear the message one must first be willing to build a receiver.

Image Source: Ruby Fresson

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