Independent Thinking Strips The Mass Media Machine Of Its Benevolent Facade

For nearly a century television has been the public’s chosen communication provider, since inception people have gathered around screens to source information and bask in entertainment. Over the decades society’s reliance on television has compounded; utilizing their hegemonic status, news providers pontificate their version of the truth angling the audience to accept their position. Progressing into the new millennia people became more observant of the operations of mass media outlets. Living in the age of information cognizance of how they mould material to befit an agenda is becoming increasingly apparent; stories not presented as they actually occurred, but sensationally renovated for audience appeal.

With areas of concern illuminated the public can observe their specious intentions; media outlets methodically obtain information, extract portions propitious to their position and distribute tainted actualities. In controlling the outflow of information people become easy to manipulate, this is why it is essential to enhance our critical eyes and peer deeper into their “news” to formulate our own opinion.

Smoke And Mirrors  

The end game for all companies, excluding non-profits, is revenue. As return on investment is the salient objective, businesses develop techniques to maximize proficiency in hope of surging income. Some industry tactics are easily examinable whilst media outlet’s methods can be much slyer; their skulduggery orchestrates falsehoods whilst hiding behind insincere indicators of morality, promoting honesty yet lacking integrity. It wasn’t always this way, there used to be universal nobility and austerity in journalism, however, as viewership took precedence over public benefit, it’s fallen from its perch of legitimacy.

The reach of media outlets alludes to their proficiency, to increase audience assortment the public must be beguiled into consuming. How often does the first handful of news stories showcase compassion compared to disaster and misfortune? Panic provokes attention and fear and tragedies are efficient stimulators of viewership. The terror induced into the community is frequently directed at an enemy; according to Noam Chomsky, the fifth filter of the mass media operation. Having a societal nemesis means citizens are anxious for their safety, propagated by the mass media machine the State is afforded an opportunity to act under the guise of a parental figure concerned for the security of their children.

A population is easy to control when you’re providing them their information, even easier when material can be altered in favour of an agenda. This doesn’t mean a narrative must be created from scratch but being selective in what’s presented, displaying facts of story without fully representing the divergent issues.

Voltaire wrote, “The more often a stupidity is repeated, the more it get the appearance of wisdom”, if an outlet had the option of presenting honest knowledge and have smaller audience or concoct fallacies and have a larger audience, what would be the likely outcome?

Tools of Destabilization

Orwell’s premonition of a select few controlling the operations of the masses has come to fruition; Big Brother is always watching, a safe community is a monitored society. Mass media outlets are the prime players in keeping the status quo steady. If one obsequiously prescribes to the outlet’s information they will become a by-product of its filth, gauchely regurgitating the opinions of others without an authentic inquiry into validity.

In the recent years the Internet has progressively taking the place of information provider, the current nature of television and print media will be lucky to withstand 50 years. As the old forms of media slowly disintegrate outlets have found their place online, utilizing the same methods with different technology to perpetuate their primacy. The Internet offers individuals the ability to instantly observe information and discover the origin, however, majority of people have fallen into the trap of only observing sites nurturing their bias, fostering pre-eminence on personal and popular opinion.

Albeit with many adverse effects, those willing to use the Internet to source legitimacy and uncover truths can galvanize personal progression; there has never been an easier time to become an autodidact and deconstruct the façade propagated to the public. Knowledge is the catalyst of advancement and to take comprehensive control of our lives we mustn’t blindly follow the words of others, instead protracting vision to a variety of opinions and deciphering which best fits our ideology.

With the tools at current disposal we can reject the funnel fed information and learn to think independently; and this is the real fear of the establishment, destabilization of their synthetic narrative.

Television has been propagating information to civilization for nearly a century; whilst originally improving communities, the recent decades has seen increasingly virulent material poisoning people in the mass media’s quest for prosperity. In contemporary society the world is afforded many luxuries, none more instrumental than the Internet. If one learns to source information they’ll be increasingly cognizant of the subjective coagulation of facts. By thinking independently we begin to wrench ourselves away from the system, in rebuking the status quo we shift from being a cog in the machine to the conscious operator of our own.

Image Source: Pinterest

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