Music Defines Experience And Amplifies Our Engagement With Life

Art’s most widely appreciated form is intangible, for eons sonorous vibrations have enthralled people and for many, music is the cornerstone to their existence; even Nietzsche noted life to be a mistake without its presence. Music has been a consistent conveyer of human sentiment; originating in native ritual, music was primarily used in reverence to divinities, yet, began its progression to accompany revelry. Moving out of the Medieval period music was revamped with new knowledge, the renaissance brought scrupulous harmony, rhythm and lucidity to music spawning innovative instruments such as the violin, piano and cello; integral apparatuses in music’s evolution.

During the past century music has prodigiously advanced and each era leaves traces of life in the epoch. Along with new genres a plethora of opportunities are available for people to immerse themselves in music, imprinting on the mind through engagement with an experience.

The Ambiance Provider

A love of music cannot be quelled, albeit preferences may diverge once captivated by vibrato an appreciation for melody is perennially installed. The engenderment of music is something uniquely human; life is noisy, sound is omnipresent and animals may harmoniously bellow, but choreographing a selection of reverberations is exclusive to our species. 

Once attentive to sound one will come to observe the assortment encountered throughout the day, understanding the atmospheric influence of music means people are inclined to spawn an ambiance according to their predilection. Music has the power to dictate the setting of wherever its sound touches, when engaged in mundane activities it adds a whole new element to the process.

A task’s banality can be decreased with music’s assistance, exhibited by the communal radio at a trade site or an album accompanying housework, it enhances engagement with an activity by introducing stimuli. With the recent advancements in technology music is at nearly anyone’s disposal at anytime, transit has been made vastly more tolerable as one’s favourite artists escort them on their ride.

The silver screen displays vividly music’s influence on an atmosphere; removing the famous score from Jaws or Psycho creates a completely different audience response. Although sensationalized exponentially, Hollywood highlights the importance of music in creating an envisioned atmosphere, and how we too use the same methods to manufacture ours.

Porthole To The Past

Everyone can enjoy music yet not all appreciate the intricate amalgam of instrument and lyric. Music gives artists a platform to subliminally (sometimes not) portray their ideologies as art, increasing their chance of appreciation. Issues residing in different epochs can be illuminated by an artist and their sound.

A primary personification of soul music, Sam Cooke’s 1964 song A Change is Gonna Come is an enriching insight into the mindset of African Americans during the tail-end of the Jim Crow era. His expression denotes the preserving nature of his culture, although ostracised since birth a resounding sense of hope remains indomitable.

The Rolling Stones 1969 Gimme Shelter articulates the realization of the social reformations demanded in the 60’s would not fully come to fruition, shelter was needed for those who saw their aspirations die whilst Vietnam’s death toll continued to rise.

The Sex Pistols Anarchy in the UK from 1976 depicts the civil conflict in Britain and the rage many held against the monarch, punk rock was for those who didn’t completely know what they stood for yet knew very well who they were against.

A decade later Twisted Sister’s We’re Not Gonna Take It examined the rising youth culture, seeking to escape society’s hierarchical structure anchoring them at the bottom.

Smells Like Teen Spirit became an anthem for a generation, the angst of the 90’s teen stuck between two eras encapsulated in a heavy riff, bellowing drums and an anarchical voice.

Contemporarily, with the rise in auto-tune and asinine lyrics, one could interpret technology’s effect on the decreasing value of intellect, with an abundance of content songs become more like fads with only a diminutive percentage remaining past their transient prime. 

Immersed In Experience

Music influences the way one sees the world, experiences with music can also alter the mind. It is often easy to separate thinkers from the masses by examining people’s favourite artists. Those who prefer pop music are essentially interested in music for enjoyment and not the artistry, although nothing wrong with this, it tends to highlight those who are timid in diving into intellectual waters. If music is merely used for enjoyment and not introspection an incredibly poignant and reflective asset is under appreciated, leaving gaps in a disposition’s development.

Music is prominent in locker rooms as a stimulant to hype up athletes; in team sports it boosts morale and creates a sense of tribal unison as everyone vibes to the same rhythm.

Witnessing a favourite artist in concert is an extremely jubilant experience (as long as they perform well). The show habitually makes a lasting impact on individuals, being in the presence of someone they admire and hearing the songs you’ve personally filled with memories is awe invigorating.

The festival calendar continues to elongate with no sign of reduction. There is something enchanting about the environment of a festival, thousands of souls converging at a marked location to revel in music, community and chemicals. This combination activates a sense of serenity within people; lost in wonder everyone is in the moment, flowing in unanimity while artists flush their aptitude. Upon the festivals expiration people head back to real world with new perspective, assembling hazy recollections their attitude temporarily shifts as refreshed eyes reacquaint with reality.

Music is a fundamental facet of the human experience; it influences our feelings, interests, behaviour and intellect. Choreographed sound can teach individuals to become more attentive to the information residing within, nothing is as simple as it seems and as one digs deeper, although sometimes difficult, the more fascinating and enriching it becomes.

Image Source: Martin Sharp, Exploding Hendrix 1968

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