One Needs To Be The Main Character Of Their Own Movie, Or They’ll Become A Minor Role In Someone Else’s

Since the Ancient Greeks the dramatic arts have showcased the archetypical dilemmas of existence, enwrapped in fable, community members are removed from daily life and captured by narrative. Although live dramatic displays are still prevalent the major conveyor of chronicles is film. Providing tales of triumph and tragedy, the sensationalistic stick of Hollywood has turned even true events into hardly recognizable hybrids.

Movies cannot be taken as literal representations of life but there are recurring themes subtly installing values into society; strength, resilience, intellect and persistence, all common traits of the protagonist people strive to replicate. Our own life is somewhat our personal film, living vicariously through the eyes we get to experience what the mind and body puts into action. Observing life as a film we must be conscious to stay the prominent character, the less saliency one has in there own the more likely they’ll play a minor part in someone else’s.

Define The Plan

Some lightness can be added to life by examining external events like a movie, appreciating the whims of unpredictability as a character’s tribulations rather than something imposing on your person. With this lightness, however, one must wary to look after their character and not completely float away into another’s film; when this occurs the ability to influence the environment starts to dwindle.

People can quite easily leave their film and become a minor part of another’s if they’re not fully conscious of their actions, without internal discourse objectives turn to serve those who control their character be it a boss, parent, spouse, doctrine, acting without full free thought and will. When in a movie different to our own we cannot determine our fate, following the films tangents one becomes a pawn to the plotline, habitually being used for others to achieve.

Without purpose how can we know which direction to pursue? As Terrence Mckenna spoke, “If you don’t have a plan, you become a part of somebody else’s plan”. We can discover whether or not we are in our own movie by the respect received within relationships; if others dominate the relationship and one is inhibited from being themselves, their role is supportive not salient.

To be a main character certain attributes must be held making them worthy of recognition; some preserve through adversity, others to set about on an intrepid adventure and some use their mind to influence reality, there is something striking about the character making them prominent.

Without a clear vision of where to head the chances of misfortune increases, when going through the motions the broader landscape is seldom observed. If one is not dictating their actions they’re prone to being lead erroneously; death typically evades the protagonist whilst the sidekick is a routine sacrifice.

Embody The Character

If there is limited knowledge on the movie’s substance how can people be sure they’re acting auspiciously? When commencing a quest we come to realize the inevitability of ups and downs, if one is cognizant of where they’re heading and why, they are inclined to act resolutely in difficult conditions.

Everyone experiences adversity and at times it can be difficult to be removed from the rough. Thinking of yourself as a character encountering hardship can decrease the intensity of feelings, encouraging this character to strive for the little wins to improve thier current audit.

The main character recurrently achieves by learning through failure, moulding a determined mindset and assisting them to approach their challenges stoically. This is vivid in many films; the budding hero is defeated earlier in the piece, however, after confronting new challenges and embarking on a soul-searching journey, they return to prevail over their rival; the Ubermensh now lucid for all to see.

Being the main character enables you to set works in motion, when a process is faulty new methods can be engendered instead of letting others order your action. Being in your own movie does not mean you have to be the Alpha. What’s inspiring about protagonists is the contentment held in being themselves, using their knowledge and skills to produce the effort etching them closer to their goal.

Determining one’s fate is the biggest advantage of the protagonist, when abiding by someone else’s script one cannot fully illustrate their character’s potential, a hindrance corroding confidence. In attempting to change the plotline peripeteia can transpire, reality altering as the character is embodied.

In life we have two options, to take responsibility for our lives and star in our own movie or let another’s decide our character’s fate. In observing life as film an intriguing perspective can be attained, decreasing the heaviness of life and appreciating the process ensures the following scene plays out as intended. Everyone must inquire within himself or herself, would I rather write my own script or hand the pen to another?

Image Source: Viktoria Semykina

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