Nothing Can Come To Fruition Tomorrow If The Seed Isn’t Planted Today

In the contemporary world social media has become a prime mover of information. With everyone’s life on display people are constantly comparing, instead of honing attention on what one really desires interest in compelled to what others have. As people’s lives are masqueraded by posed images, the community has become increasingly concerned with competing, more apt for hurling insults than an intellectual duel with themselves. In art the work in progress is seldom sighted, the final piece is presented to applause and distinction yet it should not be the art itself that astounds, but the thought and effort required for its creation.

To create something of stature an individual needs to be willing to get their hands dirty; just as no painter leaves the studio without paint on their clothes, ideas must be implemented through action. With essential nurturing a seed planted today will eventually bloom, if the seed never planted there is no chance for the actualization of its potential.

Cultivate Your Garden

Nothing can come from nothing, in order for something to occur a transfer of energy must galvanize change. To plant a seed one must get their hands in the soil, to cultivate their garden they need to become acquainted with the right tools. Many live a life of contentment and to keep the quotidian routine the overgrowth requires periodic pruning, those intending to excel mustn’t merely maintain but nurture their vegetation to bloom.

Others may assist but no one can tend to another’s garden, at a certain point one has to take exclusive responsibility for whatever is occurring within it; they must question whether they seek basic foliage or blossoming flora. To create the envisioned garden people need to develop an aptitude to turn imagination into reality, if they are unwilling to pursue the intuition’s yearnings it will perennially flicker with what could have been.

Upon tending to the vegetation there is no shortcut to advancement, adequate time is required before a plant can push through the surface and begin to grow. When cultivating one’s garden the individual must become cognizant of the process necessary to materialize the desired greenery; whatever they can reach is subject to their care and influence.

Clasping Opportunity

Those who procrastinate will always miss their chance, those who procrastinate lose stronghold over circumstance. Just as an individual can only tend to their garden, to pursue their thoughts they first require cultivation. Imagination is an auspicious asset allowing sight far past the horizon painted in society’s vision, anything imagined has the potential to become real if people are willing to ensure its actuality.

To diligently extract ideas sufficient time is necessary, a process of smaller tasks provides the right tools to further an individual towards their ambition. To begin the process pen needs to be put to paper, hammer to nail, fingers to keyboard to see the foundations of ideas in reality; witnessing the slow materialization of imagination enables cognizance of it’s potential to live.

Portions of the process will not be easy, yet every second dedicated to the quest ushers one closer towards its climax. There is no time like the present to plant the seed and begin fostering, as Jim Morrison spoke “The future’s uncertain and the end is always near”. Do not live life with a fear of death but with knowledge of its ubiquitousness, to make the most of smaller battles so when those larger arise the opportunity can be clasped. Some thoughts deserve to be heard and inspected, if one is unwilling to investigate intuition it will engender a delta between the individual and their true desires.

A tree can’t grow if the seed is never planted, one must be prepared to put hands into the soil and see what nurturing, effort and persistence can mould. Everyday we drift further away from our entrance into the world and closer to the departing terminal; it’s those utilizing the day today, who will grasp the opportunities of tomorrow.

Image Source: Psychedelic Tree

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