There Is A Tradeoff Between Developing A Bond Deeper Than A Friendship, And The Inherent Unhappiness In Attaching To Another

One of the most lucid transformations of the human experience is the evolution from stranger to lover, an ardent affair altering our perception of the world. As thought is enwrapped in one’s new fascination the scent of limerence echoes in the mind, intoxicating individuals into visions of forever after. When feelings towards an interest are reciprocated a great lightness is sensed, alleviated from the weight of expectation and hope courtship can continue with confidence.

This intrinsic feeling of lightness does not arise alone, for it to develop the potential for profound heaviness must accompany the lofty sensation. A new relationship can mature into something deep and intimate or fizzle out into the ether, yet, to be a part of a union means to accept one’s delight today will come at a cost of some sorrow in the future. 

Honeymoon to “HONEY MOVE!”

At the commencement of a relationship the honeymoon stage is customarily enjoyed. This spellbinding chapter intoxicates couples on a plethora of novel delights; becoming privy the other’s personality whilst inspecting their body in sensual glee, couples are engrossed in each other. Throughout these periods thought becomes frantic, the mind races off in an array of directions escorting the possibility of spending life with their new lover.

When the infatuation filter starts subsiding some pairs begin to notice incompatibilities with their partner, lightness turned heavy as neglected traits stir up contempt and hinder the relationship’s progression. Whilst the fantasy fades the angst of being cast back into a reality hits, their transient bliss once lifting them up now plummets them back onto their naïve hopes.

Whilst the initial stage dissolves it can also relay a more complex connection; with the sharing of anecdotes and a collection of adventures, a couple can engender a tight acquaintance. Spending prolonged period with another develops a relationship on an intimate level, clasping at their rousing affection people are blind to the difference between being in love and loving someone.

For those who love a person but are not in love, there is dissonance between the care for they hold for the other and their surfacing sense of drifting affinity. Each route eventually veers towards grief, it just depends what grief one elects to accept.

The Inherent Sadness In Happily Ever After

There is obvious unhappiness in the expiration of a relationship, but there is also inherent sadness in happily ever after. Couples who have been together for periods of years and decades form unique bonds, their idiosyncrasies intertwining to fashion an emotional trove of understanding and companionship.

One of the most raw and beautiful circumstances brewing from a relationship is being completely vulnerable with your person, to act freely as oneself without the fear of ridicule or misinterpretation. Having someone in your life who understands your morals, values, good traits, bad traits, and loving you for them is something we all strive to attain, even if for an ephemeral encounter.

The sexuality involved with a relationship catalyzes this open vulnerability, an amalgam of emotion, sensuality and physicality lowers guards and brings couples closer to the core of their partner.

Loving someone entirely means their emotional state directly impacts your own. One’s happiness will shift according to the feelings of their partner; if something positive occurs they will also sense the joy and pleasure, if bad they embody the suffering and hurt. These individuals help carry their counterpart’s hopes and dreams and support their future endeavors, investing their presence, guidance and affection during their lover’s ups and downs.

The most sombre element to any enduring relationship is the unavoidable separation through death. This is the salient tradeoff between the jovialness one feels with their adored and the overwhelming agony encountered in their death. Not everyone will become privy to this harrowing pain, yet, it also means they miss an incredibly rich life experience.

Love encompasses us all not only in its grandeur but sorrow and heartache. To love means to offer oneself up to the mercy of another, to be equally concerned about their welfare as one’s own. The initial happiness of a love affair clouts the mind in fantasy, however, with the infatuation filter fading disappointment’s head rears into imagination.

Those who are lucky and bond with a lasting partner get to develop a robust relationship, however, by attaching themselves to a partner their happiness isn’t fully their own anymore. Love may be ubiquitous in romance but pain is also an omnipresent; one must consider those sweet moments of bliss, and what grief is worthwhile for their materialization. 

Image Source: The Mystic Medium

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