Grand Discourse Evokes The Soul

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Throughout life the perception of a ‘good’ conversation routinely shifts, as interests change topics once intriguing can be found trifling and what was boring can begin luring attention. Although necessary for portions of sociality, it can be maddening to discover how majority of conversations are quite shallow, offering limited depth and integrity. Within society hubris is often enlarged through examining and commenting on others, spurred on by an audience one gratifies assumed importance by judging in a pompous demeanour.  

Dialogue about others can draw individuals closer, a tie easily knotted when feelings towards another are synchronized. Although tight bonds are formed by gossip, the sturdiest knot is crafted through discussion of life, death and society. Grand discourse exhilarates the soul, focusing on the world at large conversation isn’t about frivolities but elements constructing our reality. Interactions at a higher level of consciousness connect people intellectually, distancing one from the “I” and imprinting on the mind. 

Breaking The Mundane

Grand discourse allows one to break away from mundanity and evaluate the mind, viewing circumstances objectively rather than digging deeper into biases. It puts perspective on one’s social exchanges; after discussing the motives of genocidial dictators or whether we inherit morality, talking about celebrity infidelity seems a deficit use of thought. The amount of time spent in quality conversation will influence the affect on the individual, however, even the briefest of conscious exchanges will yield inquisitive introspection.

Dialogue on the intricacies of existence helps subdue self-orientated thought, curiosity spikes as one drops their trivialities to examine the framework structuring society. This mentality often becomes a catalyst for great ideas, the more one circulates these notions with the appropriate peers the better chance they have at discovering validity. When the question “I Wonder” is raised further knowledge becomes accessible, for those willing to question there is endless amounts of information waiting to be uncovered.

Sometimes chemicals can help induce a higher level of consciousness. The way the mind shifts to the sky after a joint or how reality is questioned with the introduction of psilocybin, certain chemicals break the mind out of its social construction and offer an alternate view.

You’re Not Alone

It’s interesting how you can have a brief encounter with someone, yet, during the short acquaintance a robust connection forms. There’s a vitalizing nature to these encounters, they draw you out of the surrounding environment and into a symbiotic exchange of knowledge. The next time paths are crossed there is a genuine jovialness at the other’s presence, whenever together conversation continues to flow and both are grateful.

It can often feel as though there’s a scarcity of individuals interested in philosophical discussions, it can be reaffirming to discover there are others who enjoy contemplation of exploratory issues. As we grow older it’s not uncommon to develop varying interests to our closest friends. It can be disheartening to feel a sense of incompatibility with those you hold dearly, however, it’s refreshing to know even if your best friends don’t fully comprehend, others do. In saying this, however, we mustn’t loose appreciation for old friends, they are the people ensuring our authenticity and affectionately looking out for us. As Shakespeare said, they are the alphabets needed to read the poems of new friends.

Even the best ideas are crucified by those with seldom understanding or interest; at times, when the topic of rumination is bold, it may be best to keep it to oneself until the appropriate audience is present. Incessantly drawing attention to topics you enjoy can leave you hanging in contempt. There is a time and place for different discussions,
through observing a setting one will come to recognize when the correct platform is present. The contemplation of complexities isn’t something that galvanizes everyone analogously, yet, when someone’s curiosities are compatible with your own, its best to engage openly and regularly to get the most out of an enriching relationship.

Grand discourse evokes the soul, it draws people out of superficiality to examine the intricacies interwoven in life. By lifting the conscious higher mundanities can be put into perspective, reinvigorating the use fruitful thought. Seeing it as an unnecessary extrapolation not everyone will appreciate someone conversing philosophically, however, when crossing paths with those that do a unique and beautiful friendship is budding to bloom.

Post script:
If it seems like you can’t gain access to these types of relationships there is always podcasts, the new medium provides a plethora of content on a variety of subjects. When you’re itching for a shot of intellectual adrenaline, find your niche, put headphones on and inject.

Image source: Dog is Dead, Band

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